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We would like to acknowledge the Healthy Ageing Research Consortium Investigator Team and the ROSA’s SAHMRI Research Team for ensuring the success of the ROSA and support with this research.

We also acknowledge the South Australian Government who provide us with support (2017-2021) through the Department for Innovation and Skills to conduct this work, and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) and SA Health for the provision of the raw data used in the ROSA.

We would also like to acknowledge all the ROSA participants, and the Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT) for their role in facilitating the enrolment of our prospective cohort.

The Registry of Older South Australians (ROSA) has been established with support from the South Australian Government’s Department for Innovation and Skills, and with support from the Healthy Ageing Research Consortium member organisations.

Additionally, we are grateful for support for specific projects listed below.

List of additional support:


Australian Government NHMRC, Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Rapid Applied Research Translation Program.

Chief Investigator: Steve Wesselingh.

Project period: 01/2018 - 12/2019.


Australian Government NHMRC, Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Targeted Call for Research on Antimicrobial Resistance in residential aged care facilities.

Project: “Using metagenomics and the Registry of Ageing South Australians to understand carriage and transmission of antimicrobial resistance in the elderly.” APP1152268.

Chief Investigators: Geraint Rogers, Steve Wesselingh, David Gordon, Maria Crotty, Maria Inacio, Craig Whitehead, David Lynn, Richard Woodman, Lito Papanicolas, Lex Leong.

Project period: 03/2018-03/2020.


Theo Murphy (Australia) Initiative.

Project: Funding support to run the Theo Murphy Frontiers of Science Healthy Ageing Symposium at SAHMRI in 2019.

Chief Investigator: Stephanie Harrison.

Project period: 03/2018-06/2019.