Student Projects

Current Opportunities for Students:

You can download a copy of our currently available ROSA Student Project Opportunities HERE.

Do you have your own ideas for a healthy ageing research project using the ROSA data to improve the lives of older Australians? The ROSA Research Team would love to hear from you! Please contact us via the email address provided in our ROSA Student Project Booklet.

Our areas of expertise include: epidemiology, dementia and cognitive decline, public health, health economics, geriatrics, musculoskeletal conditions, psychiatric conditions, and psychometrics.

ROSA Research Team at SAHMRI. August 2019.

ROSA Research Team at SAHMRI. August 2019.

Why Join the ROSA Research Team?

There are many great reasons, including:

•You will have the opportunity to work on a unique data resource that is of a scale that dwarfs many other ‘big data’ projects in public health. E.g. our historical cohort includes almost 3 million Australians who were assessed for and/or received aged care services between 1997 and 2014.

•You will contribute to fulfilling research that will make a real difference to the lives of older Australians.

•We can supervise Honours, Masters and PhD students enrolled through the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia or Flinders University.

•You will be supported by a supervisory panel with the most relevant expertise drawn from ROSA’s partner organisations.

•If you are interested in incorporating some industry engagement into your PhD, we have strong active links with some of the leaders in the aged care industry (e.g. Helping Hand, ECH and Silver Chain) and would be happy to discuss ways you could be involved in research with an element of industry collaboration.  

•ROSA also has a strong commitment to consumer engagement, with members of the community and consumer advocacy organisations (e.g. COTA SA and Health Consumers Alliance of SA) on our governance committees and providing input and guidance to help with developing research questions. We are also involved in a range of public outreach and science communication activities which you could take part in.

•You will be based at SAHMRI and be part of an excellent cross-disciplinary research team.