"The Science of Ageing" - Upcoming "Science in the Pub" Event


Aging occurs to us all, resulting in fundamental changes to ourselves as time progresses. As we age it’s important to ask what is South Australia doing to understand and assist the older community? Can we slow undesirable aspects of the aging process? What happens to our brains as we age? Join us to find out about the science of aging.

The team at SciPub are excited to present “The Science of Ageing” on Friday 5th October at the Rob Roy Hotel (106 Halifax Street in the city). This event will showcase ageing related research that is being undertaken right here in South Australia. This event kicks off at 6:00 pm and will finish by approx. 7:30 pm (doors will be open from 5:30 pm for those who wish to arrive early for seat). CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO REGISTER TO ATTEND.

The principal goal of SciPub is to make science engaging and accessible to the public. Each panel consists of three experts who deliver short, 10-15 minute presentations on their area of expertise and then discuss questions from the audience via a moderator. Panelists are selected primarily on their ability to effectively communicate science in an engaging and non-technical manner. SciPub is held in a pub so that scientists, aspiring scientists, and non-scientists can learn, discuss and think critically about hot topics in science.

The panelists for “The Science of Ageing” are:

  • A/Prof Maria Inacio – Director, Registry of Older South Australians, SAHMRI

  • Dr Tim Sargeant – Head the Neurobiology Section in the Hopwood Centre for Neurobiology, SAHMRI

  • Dr Cedric Bardy– Senior Research Fellow, SAHMRI, and Senior Lecturer, Flinders University